Session 0

Hello everyone! I’m Gianna, but you can call me Gi, or PG ( which is tentatively a part of my pen name) and my pronouns are she/they. I’m a first-semester graduate student working towards one day being a published author. And if that doesn’t work out…uh…well, let’s hope it works out, because I don’t exactly have a Plan B.

Near the end of August, I finished writing the first draft of what will, fingers crossed, be my first novel. It’s a YA novel that’s partially romance, partially a coming-of-age, and discusses religion, mental health, LGBTQ+ topics, and family issues. It’s called Retrograde and I’m currently taking a break from it before I have to go back in and enter editing hell.

Mock-up cover that I used for Retrograde when I was working on it for my senior seminar my last semester of undergrad

I’m pursuing this MA in Writing Studies not only to improve my writing but to continue to grow as a person. For me, I feel like it is through learning and direct experience that I’m able to do the most growing, and I know that pursuing a master’s degree offers the potential to do both. I am eager to learn from professors and classmates as I enter yet another new phase of my writing journey as well as my life.

Aside from writing, I also like reading, though I can’t do so nearly as fast as I was able to when I was a kid. Seriously, when I was in grade school I was powering through several books a week, and now it feels like it takes me weeks to get even halfway through anything (unless I’m on a time crunch reading something for a class.) Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to dedicate to a lot of reading anymore, and it’s become more of a luxury that I take part in when I want to relax., though I’ve been trying to read more again. Some of my favorite books to read are actually graphic novels. I love the use of art and words together to tell stories.

I’m a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons, which you can probably tell from the title of this blog. My friends and I play it every Sunday, pretty much all day. I love to create and inhabit characters in the game and create a collaborative world and story with friends.

I love animals and nature, and though I’m not currently the most “outdoorsy” person in the world, I’m starting to take up hiking more and I love going for walks, especially if I can find a nice park to wander around. I have two dogs, Cody and Sadie, and a leopard gecko named Dog (dee-oh-gee.) I was born on February 29th, which makes me a leap baby and, if you go by the actual date, I’ve therefore only had 5 “real” birthdays.

I look forward to the semester and to getting to know everyone! Have a good day 🙂


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